Morning Mysore Self-Practice

Our early morning Mysore classes are open to all yogis and aspiring yogis

What is Mysore?

Mysore is a style of yoga class in which students come and practise in their own time. The teacher is able to work individually with students, in a group setting, to help tailor a practice unique to them. Students are guided through a sequence of yoga poses, one posture at a time, receiving both verbal instructions and hands-on adjustments. In the Mysore classes here at Love Yoga, both Ashtanga and Hatha sequences are taught and practised.

• Mysore classes are not 2-hr yoga classes. Most students do not need any more than 90-minutes to complete their practice, and for beginners it is often just 60-minutes

You may arrive at any time during the class. Please enter quietly, roll out your mat and begin your practice.

You do not need to stay until the scheduled end of the class. Once you have finished your practice you can go. Please leave the room quietly.

Yoga mats are available, but for regular daily practice consider buying your own.

Listen to your body; practice in accordance with your energy level each day. Don’t feel you have to do a ‘full’ practice each day; if energy levels are low then you can do a shorter practice

6am to 9am Tuesday to Friday (Doors open at 6am, teaching begins at 6.30am)
7.30am to 9.30am Saturday (Led Class*)
7.30am to 9.30am Sunday (Mysore)

*First Saturday of the month – Intro to Mysore
*Second Saturday of the month – Led Preparatory
*Third Saturday of the month – Led Foundation/ Primary
*Fourth Saturday of the month – Led Intermediate

Saturday Led Classes

Beginner Sessions – Introduction to Mysore
These sessions run on the first Saturday of every month and are an introduction to the self practice style of yoga known as Mysore style. It is aimed at students new to yoga or those who have not practiced this way before. By the end, everyone will have a short personalised sequence, and a solid idea of how to practice this in the Mysore style.

Led Preparatory Class
These sessions run on the second Saturday of every month. This sequence helps improve overall flexibility, build strength and develop an awareness of foundational alignment. Each asana here is carefully designed to prepare the body for the Foundation Sequence and Primary Series in a progressive manor. Whether you are new to yoga or are an experienced practitioner this sequence is a fun challenge.

Led Foundation Class
These sessions run on the third Saturday of every month. While this sequence is very similar to the Ashtanga Primary series there are some key differences. There is a greater focus on hip opening earlier on in the sequence, which is particularly helpful for students with knee issues. It is a slower, more static and stable practice; it improves strength, balance and overall flexibility.

Led Primary Class
These sessions run on the fourth Saturday of every month. The Ashtanga Primary series is a dynamic, intense, free flowing set of asanas that instill strength, balance and a sense of rhythm. It involves moving through the postures, linking them with transitions while synchronising the movements with the breath.
• Notify the teacher if you have any injuries or if you are pregnant
• You can bring your own mat or borrow one from the studio
• Wear comfortable clothing
• Try not to eat or drink at least two hours before the workshop – save the nice breakfast for afterwards!


Introduction to Mysore/Drop-in
£10 (£8 concession)
One Month Passes
2 days per week
£45 (£5.60/class)
3 days per week
£60 (£5.00/class)
4 days per week
£75 (£4.70/class)
5 days per week
£90 (£4.50/class)
6 days per week
£100 (£4.17/class)
6 Month Passes
2 days per week
£225 (one month free)
3 days per week
£300 (one month free)
4 days per week
£375 (one month free)
5 days/week
£450 (one month free)
6 days/week
£500 (one month free)


Why is it called Mysore?
This self-practice style of yoga originates from Mysore in India hence the name “Mysore style”.

What will I learn?
Students come to Mysore and are taught practical key elements of yoga: how to breathe correctly, how to align themselves safely and effectively in yoga postures and how to concentrate and build meditative awareness. Sequences taught are: the Beginners series, the Preparatory Sequence, the Foundation Sequence, the Ashtanga Primary and Intermediate Series and the Moon Sequence.

Why practice Mysore-style?
Mysore-style is the traditional way to learn. Each asana is taught one at a time during Mysore practice so students learn at their own pace. Students work on a set series of yoga asanas each time they approach their yoga mat, and this routine develops flexibility and strength along with confidence. With time meditation begins – as the movements become familiar practitioners think less and breathe and feel more.

Morning Mysore at Love Yoga
Morning Mysore provides a consistent daily morning class time. This helps create a healthy pattern of waking up and going to yoga. Yoga becomes a part of students’ lives. Injuries often occur when we try to do a strong practice on a random basis, so a daily Mysore practice supports gradual and consistent progress.

How often should I practice?
We recommend beginning students begin with 2-3 days a week building up to 4-6 days a week over time.

If you have any questions about the Mysore classes please contact Charlie:
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